5 thoughts on “Top 3 Learning Web Programming Tips

  1. Fahad Reda

    Thank you very much for the video. . Best of luck

  2. F1vuvuzela

    Hi Stefan! I would like to ask you whether you think a bit of theoretical
    knowledge of algorithms and data structures is a must in an aspiring web
    programmer’s arsenal?? More than once I’ve been told that a real programmer
    should know that in order to be able to work on more advanced stuff and
    avoid common programming pitfalls. Also, is it true that web programming
    job interviews often include solving various algorithmic tasks, etc?? By
    the way, you’re doing a great job with tutorials!!

  3. Stefan Mischook

    Depends on the type of programming you will do. Today, computers are very
    powerful and for 99% of applications out there, efficient algos are less
    important than efficient application structures. Does that make sense? Stef


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