Tutorial for Connecting to MySQL With JavaScript : Web Programming

By | July 9, 2014

Tutorial for Connecting to MySQL With JavaScript : Web Programming

19 thoughts on “Tutorial for Connecting to MySQL With JavaScript : Web Programming

  1. paresh ravikumar

    what just happened here. i thought you were showing how to connect to mysql
    with javascript. but instead you showed that you have no idea how to do

  2. EnterAName

    The syntax was taken straight out of the first example of php.net’s
    mysql_connect page

  3. Herman Willett

    I have been trying to find out why my new version is not working. I have
    been using sql for 30 plus years and I have several hundred servers around
    the US that runs it for hotels and apartment complexes as well as my own
    office. My primary server at my office crashed recently so I put in a new
    one and when I tried to load the unix system I went to scientific unix and
    the system never worked but when I went back to read hat it worked
    perfectly. Please expalin. hrwillett@gmail.com

  4. Charles Knell

    github.com/felixge/node-mysql/ is the javascript mysql connector used with
    node.js, which provides for server side javascript.

  5. MI Dominus

    This not a how to “connect MySql with JavaScript”, this is simple of php
    with MySql connection. Sorry, but this vidieo FAILED.

  6. Bharadwaj Bangalore

    Oh Dear, we wanted to know on how to connect Javascript and MySQL not with
    PHP :-(

  7. Jeff Albrecht

    Have I been pwned? Or was this video seriously attempting to convey some
    knowledge? extremely useless. Ugg I just spent nearly 2 minutes watching
    someone type.


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